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What is more important for you? Many of you will say: OF COURSE CHARACTER! But honestly, that’s a lie and you know that!!!
Pls take your time and think about your past. Have you loved a person coz of her/his body, face, titts, ass? Or have you loved his character? What have you loved about the character? Was it the way the person spoke with people? Was it the humor? Was it the soul?
Do you think there is a person who has a character which matches to you 100%?


My answer:
The first thing when I met a girl is to check the outside..  I check the full body… After that I look into her eyes and face! For me the face is the most important of the outside of a girl… Her eyes, nose and smile… Cute and nice!!!
The second step is to get to know her character… I’m definitely not someone who is focusing only the appearance!
My focus is more on the character! The girl has to be nice, courteous, helpful and a mix between shy and she knows what she want! I hate girls who are whinge!
All together I would say both is important! For a long relationship character has more importance!
And yes I think there is a  character which matches to you 100%!


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