In #becomeaBETTERperson


Since my arrival in Australia I wanted to learn more about Selfeducation, Mindgrowing and how to be a better person in general.
Coz i had so much to do I had not enough time to read some books. Coz of that I heard a couple of audio books while I was editing and thought about myself and my life.

In the next weeks I will share some thoughts with you.  Pls give me a feedback in the comments if your interested or not! 🙂 ➖ What are you interested in? ➖ Do you have some books I should read?

💥 Let’s use the Hashtag #BECOMEABETTERPERSON for every post… If you wanna share something with our community feel free to use it as well 🤗 I will response to every post with this hashtag!



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